My Bloody Valentine: Isn’t Anything, Loveless, Tracklist nuove edizioni


Tornano alla ribalta i My Bloody Valentine, che dal 2008 erano rimasti inattivi.

Tornano con 2 nuovi album in studio: si tratta delle nuove edizioni di Loveless e Isn’t Anything, la cui data di rilascio, è prevista per il 7 maggio 2012.

La prima edizione di Loveless, venne rilasciata nel 1991 mentre Isn’t Anything nel 1988.

I dischi, conterranno 3 inediti, che scopri dopo il salto, leggendo le ltracklist.

Tracklist Album Isn’t Anything (My Bloody Valentine)

1. ‘Soft As Snow (But Warm Inside)’
2. ‘Lose My Breath’
3. ‘Cupid Come’
4. ‘(When You Wake) You’re Still In A Dream’
5. ‘No More Sorry’
6. ‘All I Need’
7. ‘Feed Me With Your Kiss’
8. ‘Sueisfine’
9. ‘Several Girls Galore’
10. ‘You Never Should’
11. ‘Nothing Much To Lose’
12. ‘I Can See It (But I Can’t Feel It)’

Tracklist Album Loveless (My Bloody Valentine)

1. ‘Only Shallow’
2. ‘Loomer’
3. ‘Touched’
4. ‘To here Knows When’
5. ‘When You Sleep’
6. ‘I Only Said’
7. ‘Come In Alone’
8. ‘Sometimes’
9. ‘Blown A Wish’
10. ‘What You Know’
11. ‘Soon’

EPs 1988-1991

Disco 1
1. ‘You Made Me Realise’
2. ‘Slow’
3. ‘Thorn’
4. ‘Cigarette In Your Bed’
5. ‘Drive It All Over Me’
6. ‘Feed Me With Your Kiss’
7. ‘I Believe’
8. ‘Emptiness Inside’
9. ‘I Need No Trust’
10. ‘Soon’
11. ‘Don’t Ask Why’
12. ‘Off Your Face’

Disco 2
1. ‘To Here Knows When’
2. ‘Swallow’
3. ‘Honey Power’
4. ‘Moon Song’
5. ‘Instrumental no. 2′
6. ‘Instrumental no.1′
7. ‘Glider’
8. ‘Sugar’
9. ‘Angel’ (inedito)
10. ‘Good For You’ (inedito)
11. ‘How Do You Do It’ (inedito)

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