I Just Wanna Fuck (David Guetta ft. Timbaland-Dev): traduzione-testo-video

Nothing-but-the-beat.jpgI Just Wanna Fuck, è una nuova canzone del produttore e dj francese David Guetta.

Anche questo brano, è estratto dalla sua nuova opera discografica intitolata “Noting but the Beat”, in vendita dal 26 agosto.

La canzone, viene cantata da Timbaland e Dev.

Dopo il salto, trovi il video per ascoltare questo nuovo pezzo.

Subito dopo, puoi consultare il testo in inglese e quello tradotto in italiano.

Video I Just Wanna Fuck – David Guetta features Timbaland & Dev

Testo I Just Wanna Fuck (Lingua Originale)

I’m in the club, say put your glasses up
It’s electronic backup on the track like wassup
Girl you know what I want, keep leaning to the front
And we be doing shows all around the globe, stunt
I get that party crashing, I take that money cashing
And even though she doesn’t go I’m a get that girl to flashing
I’m bout to take it back, and post it on my mac
Yeah we could make a movie all the other stuff to…
That’s a rap, that’s a rap, that’s a rap…

Oh, she’s an all star, and I’m a show you
Yeah we speed up that car like we supposed to
And when we getting there, we gotta post to
We take a picture with a friend say she adores you
And she be jumping around, yeah we got that funky sound
Gotta take that last cup, that last cup, that last cup down
Baby touch your roof, everything you want just do
Make a wish I’ll make it through, wanna drink girl I get 2
Girl I get 2, girl I get 2, girl I get 2, girl I get 2, girl I get 2.

Traduzione I Just Wanna Fuck

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